Biosensors for Agriculture, 17th June 2015, Birmingham

Biosensors in Agriculture 17June15 Provisional_Agenda

On behalf of Knowledge Transfer Network and InnovateUK and I would like to invite you to attend the event that has been organized to address the opportunities and challenges in developing the wider use of biosensors in agriculture.

Agricultural science and technology is one of the world’s fastest-growing and exciting markets, driven by global challenges that include:

  • A rising population
  • Rapid development of emerging economies
  • Shortages of land, water and energy.

To address these challenges there will need to be significant improvements in the yield and sustainability of food crops and livestock. A key part of the developments underpinning these improvements will be the provision of the information required for the effective management of crops and animals.

The aim of this event is to look at the sensing challenges in agriculture and to identify where (1) current biosensors technology can be applied and (2) new biosensor technology is required.

In particular the event will focus on:

  • The major challenges in agricultural science and technology
  • The contributions new biosensor can make to address these challenges
  • Biosensor technology that can readily translate from healthcare to agriculture
  • The requirements for new biosensors to address the sensing “gaps” in agriculture

The challenges will be drawn from a broad range of agricultural situations, including crop production, animal welfare and aquaculture.

Short Presentations / Pitches by Participants – opportunity & conditions

There will also be the opportunity, on a first come first served basis, to make short 5 minutes presentations on:


  • Measurement challenges / measurement requirements in agriculture
  • Biosensor measurement technologies / early stage biosensors


The short presentation should detail agricultural challenges requiring new biosensor solutions, OR biosensor solutions that could potentially be applied to benefit agriculture.

Presentations will be limited to 2 slides, must last a maximum of 5 minutes, and must contain NO animations/videos.


People wishing to present must provide a title summarising their presentation when they register to attend the event.


Presentation slots are limited, so the organisers reserve the right to select people to present on the basis of their presentation title, and will inform people if they have been chosen to present. People chosen to present must then send their 2 slides to the organisers before the event.



The event will be held on the 17th June 2015 at The Studio ( ), which, is in the centre of Birmingham 5 minutes walk from New Street Station.


To Register

Please use this link to register to attend the event


We look forward to seeing you in Birmingham on the 17th June.



Footnote for e-mail

If you experience any difficulty using the short URL here is the full URL for Registration.


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