BP-ICAM Webinar: Smart Materials and Surfaces

Smart Materials and Surfaces

From Oil Water Separation to Antimicrobial Coatings

Professor Ivan Parkin from University College London will deliver the first BP-ICAM webinar of 2017 on the topic of smart materials and surfaces.


This webinar will focus on the role of surface chemistry and microstructure in determining a material’s functional properties. Professor Parkin will look at water repellent superhydrophobic coatings and shows how these coatings require surface roughness and an intrinsic low-surface energy interaction with water. He will show how these surfaces can be made rugged by adding a polymer layer and how they can be made resistant to virtually all staining by adding a lubricant. This turns the material into a SLIPS surface – surfaces that repel oil water and most common solvents. Professor Parkin has also modified these surfaces further to become oliphobic (oil repellent), omniphobic (oil and water repellent) and made membranes that can be used for efficient oil- water separation. More information here

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