Future directions for chalcogenides research: materials, devices and applications

You are invited to join us for a focus day on the field of chalcogenide materials research. Metal chalcogenides represent an extremely interesting family of materials, many of which are semiconductors with tuneable band gaps. Research in this field is very active and driven by a plethora of potential applications that require particular structural features and form.

We will explore processing technologies for thin and ultrathin films, nanoparticle and nanostructured chalcogenides, highlighting structural, electronic and optical properties. This event will address real-world problems and challenges for further development of these materials towards technological applications.

Speakers include:

Peter Dobson, Emeritus Professor (Oxford) and Founder of Companies

Philip Bartlett, Professor of Electrochemistry

Daniel Hewak, Professor of Optoelectronics

Brian Hayden, Director of Southampton Advanced Composite Materials Facility, and CSO at Ilika

Dom Brady, CSA Catapult

For more information and to register click here



St Mary’s Stadium

Britannia Road


SO14 5FP

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