University of Liverpool Industry-Chemistry Engagement Meeting (I-ChEM)

Welcome to the inaugural University of Liverpool Industry-Chemistry Engagement Meeting (I-ChEM). We hope to make this a regular event, allowing our established collaborators, and those new to Chemistry at Liverpool, to meet with academics across the Department and see first-hand the research being conducted within our laboratories.

Thu, 13 Sep 2018, 12 noon – Fri, 14 Sep 2018, 8pm This is event is a free to register

Chemistry at Liverpool has a long history of innovation and impact; our current activities are grouped under a series of research clusters and within numerous bespoke facilities resulting from considerable recent investment and support. Within the last UK Research Excellence Framework process, we were ranked 2nd overall across the country and we continue to build on this success through a strategic process of recruitment and institutional planning.

We hope that you have an opportunity to hear about some of the world-leading and pioneering research from groups within our Department and that some of this surprises you and some underpins your view of the University of Liverpool as a global centre for fundamental science and technology development.

During the meeting there is time to meet with academics from across the spectrum of research disciplines within the Department; this can be facilitated for you either before the meeting starts or during the two days.

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