Workshop on Advanced Characterisation of Energy Storage Materials

This workshop will explore the application of advanced X-ray techniques and beyond in the characterisation of the next generation of lithium and sodium-ion battery materials. There will be a plethora of talks from academic researchers working on energy storage materials directly, reinforced with three presentations from Malvern Panalytical application specialists on the latest characterisation techniques. Talks will cover a range of topics, including in-situ/operando methods, total scattering techniques and on both Li-ion and Na-ion cell technologies.

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Proposed Agenda

08:45 Registration and coffee
09:15 Advances in characterisation of energy storage materials
Dr Nik Reeves-McLaren, University of Sheffield
09:35 In-Operando XRD analysis of Li-ion batteries
Dr Paul O’Meara, Malvern Panalytical
10:00 Title to be confirmed
Prof. Serena Corr, University Of Sheffield
10:30 Coffee and networking
11:00 Anodes for sodium-ion batteries: insights from local structure characterisation
Dr Phoebe Allan, University of Birmingham
11:30 Clarity by Design: The Morphologi 4 and it’s Applications for Battery Materials & Introduction to Laser Diffraction: Applications for Battery Materials
Dr Robert Taylor, Malvern Panalytical
11:55 Using In-Operando Techniques to Identify the Performance Limitations of Layered Oxide Sodium-Ion Batteries
Laurence Middlemiss, University of Sheffield
12:05 Visualising Lithiation Mechanisms in LiCoPO4
Laura Wheatcroft, University of Sheffield
12:20 Flash presentations
12:45 Lunch
13:45 In-situ Total Scattering Studies of Battery Materials
Dr Maria Diaz-Lopez, ISIS-Diamond
14:15 Title to be confirmed
Dr Eddie Cussen, University of Sheffield
14:45 Advanced layered oxide cathode materials for the next generation of Na-ion batteries
Dr Nuria Tapia Ruiz , Lancaster University
15:15 Coffee
15:45 Rheology of battery slurries: Using rheometry to optimise battery processing and stability
Dr Shona Marsh, Malvern Panalytical
16:10 Title to be confirmed
Dr Rebecca Boston, University of Sheffield
16:30 Closing remarks
Dr Nick Reeves-McLaren, University of Sheffield

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