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  • Centre for materials Discovery (CMD)

The Centre for Materials Discovery (CMD) has established a core capability in High Throughput (HT) techniques and instrumentation to enable the discovery of innovative materials for high value applications.

Working with collaborators from the University of Liverpool, other institutions and commercial organisations, they deliver accelerated synthesis, formulation and characterisation programs across a variety of application areas and industries.

CMD is engaged in various areas of materials research, with particular focus on energy-related applications, polymers, porous materials, and nanomaterials. However, the broad base of synthesis, formulation and characterization instrumentation is of general applicability, and projects fields as diverse as catalysts, lubricants, home and personal care, biomedical devices and inorganic coatings are also served.

  • Micro-biorefinery

The University of Liverpool and Unilever have been awarded £2.83million from the Regional Growth Fund to establish a microbiorefinery research facility and develop novel functional materials from non-petrochemical feedstocks.

The project aims to promote environmentally sustainable operations and presents the University with a unique opportunity to extend its Centre for Materials Discovery (CMD) to include high-throughput biorefining, creating a unique facility in the UK.

Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy

The Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy is dedicated to exploring the future of renewable, clean and sustainable energy technologies.

We connect research strengths, technologies and experts from a broad mix of disciplines from across the University, including Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Engineering and Biology.

Proud of our Liverpool roots, we work closely within our local community to research sustainable energy issues. However, we also forge vital relationships with academic networks, research centres and industry, enabling us to tap into a unique pool of expertise, essential to developing truly innovative solutions that meet the world’s future energy demands.

In addition to our research programme, we allow PhD students and postgraduates to work on energy-related projects and technologies providing them with relevant skills and knowledge to meet the UK and global demand for graduates in this emerging job market.

  • Centre for Materials and Structures

Short presentation on the Atomic Layer Deposition capabilities within Liverpool

The Centre for Materials & Structures exists to meet the global demand for cost effective, sustainable materials and structures in industries such as transport, medicine, energy production and the built environment.

We are internationally known in many fields of research and technology, including microscopy, manufacturing process design, biomedical materials and functional materials.

Discovering novel materials and structures

Our research and development programme involves prestigious external partners and benefits from a recent £8m investment in facilities for materials characterisation, synthesis and processing.

Research specialisms

We have a sizeable and expanding group of research specialists. Here are some of our key themes:

  • Nanostructured functional materials
  • structural materials and mechanics for optimum structural design
  • explosion resistance and impact loading
  • materials degradation at high temperatures We are seeking 15 minutes of your time to help us secure Government investment of £25m into the Chemistry and Materials sector. Digital technologies such as AI, automation and advanced data analysis are already revolutionising the productivity of businesses. We are working on a bid to secure funding to set up a North West…

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