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Southampton Skills

Chemistry at Southampton is well-known nationally and internationally for its excellence and long-standing reputation for expertise and innovation. The award-winning department is particularly focused on the synthesis, processing and application of new materials and functional molecules vital to driving future innovation and technology, and improving the sustainability of our society through developments in areas such as energy, catalysis and healthcare.

In order to address these challenges, Southampton is at the forefront of developments to synthesise diverse classes of inorganic, organic, solid-state and supramolecular materials and assemblies, as well as having a world-leading reputation in electrochemistry and its applications.

On-site access to fabrication and clean room facilities in the University provides a direct route to processing new structures and devices. Expertise in computational methods provides a detailed understanding of material properties for diverse applications.

Southampton also provides unique services to science and industry for materials diffraction and is home to the UK National Crystallography Service, which supports and develops world-leading research in chemistry, biochemistry and physical sciences.

Additionally a wide variety of analytical skills are available via the Southampton Chemistry Analytical Solutions (SCAS) with particular expertise in NMR (liquid and solid state) and Mass Spectrometry and X-ray Diffraction.  The department has one of the best scientific glassblowing and design workshops in the country.

Southampton became one of the KCMC research partners in 2017.  KCMC is an organisation that facilitates the translation of research from academia into industry through active collaborative projects. We are seeking 15 minutes of your time to help us secure Government investment of £25m into the Chemistry and Materials sector. Digital technologies such as AI, automation and advanced data analysis are already revolutionising the productivity of businesses. We are working on a bid to secure funding to set up a North West…

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