The NanoSIMS is a type of imaging mass spectrometer that can be used to measure the isotopic distribution of elements in all types of samples down to 100 nm spatial resolution routinely


It is capable of detecting isotopes of every element in the periodic table at ppm or ppb levels depending upon the element. Typical applications include trace or light element mapping and spatially resolved isotopic ratio measurements.

It can be an extremely powerful method for understanding the dynamics of processes by stable isotope labelling in materials across all scientific disciplines. It is also one of the few techniques available that can spatially resolve hydrogen distributions. Read more

The £70m ground-breaking scheme brings industry and academia together in a consortium made up of major glass manufacturers and universities, including Pilkington Glass, British Glass, and the Universities of Liverpool and Leeds - with the aim of putting the UK at the forefront of global glass manufacturing. In early 2018 St Helens was announced as…

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