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Glass Futures project on course for St Helens

The £70m ground-breaking scheme brings industry and academia together in a consortium made up of major glass manufacturers and universities, including Pilkington Glass, British Glass, and the Universities of Liverpool and Leeds – with the aim of putting the UK at the forefront o

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Towards Sustainable Materials for Energy Applications

EPSRC is holding a materials science community workshop on 26 March 2019. This will be an interdisciplinary workshop bringing together both industry and academia with the aims of promoting challenge-driven design, and to create a networking opportunity for materials scientists and ind

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The NanoSIMS is a type of imaging mass spectrometer that can be used to measure the isotopic distribution of elements in all types of samples down to 100 nm spatial resolution routinely DETAILED DESCRIPTION It is capable of detecting isotopes of every element in the periodic table at

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KCMC’s new Materials Innovation Translator programme places project scientists within key universities, strengthening links between academia and business

Press Release The Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry, the UK’s innovation broker in materials chemistry, is set to further improve the scope for knowledge transfer between academia and industry through the “Materials Innovation Translator” programme. The MIT programme, supported

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A Strategy Director has been appointed for the Materials Innovation Factory to further enhance its research, teaching and commercial outcomes. Dr Matt Reed will be seconded to the role from Unilever from 1 June 2019 and will be based at the facility. Funded via the UK Research Partnerships and Investment Fund, the Materials Innovation Factory…

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