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ESOF2016 Science Programme Promoting the Call

There are just over six weeks until the call for the ESOF 2016 science programme closes  – the deadline being the 1st June.  We successfully launched the call back in February at AAAS, since then contact with over 20,000 academics, researchers, business leaders, science communicators

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Formulating Functional Films and Coatings

Full conference details – The Formulation Science and Technology group (FSTG) of the Royal Society of Chemistry is organising a conference on Formulating Functional Films and Coatings. This will be held in Burlington House, Piccadilly, London o

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Catalytic approach to greywater

Most of you reading this will be lucky enough to have clean water pumped directly into your homes. In the UK, the quality of the domestic water supply is exceptionally high – in most cases, we can drink it directly from the mains supply. But this drinking-quality water is also used fo

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Britain’s world-leading researchers and entrepreneurs will benefit from an additional £780 million to create the technologies of tomorrow. Read more  

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KCMC is hosted at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

Would your business benefit from innovative changes to the way you do things, such as:

  • New manufacturing processes, or the improvement of existing ones, or
  • New products for existing markets and/or
  • New markets for existing products and/or
  • New products for new markets?

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