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NXP acquire SENSEG

Eindhoven, Netherlands and Helsinki, Finland, April 9, 2014 – NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) today announced its investment in Senseg, the leader in next-generation spatial haptic feedback technology. The investment is part of NXP’s drive to lead in new user interface te

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The future of feedstocks

Renewable chemistry research has traditionally focused on finding alternatives to petrochemical-based fuels. But oil produces far more than just fuel. The modern world is both built from and powered by oil and interest is now shifting more to finding alternative sources for the range

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Designing materials from the molecule up

Designing materials from the molecule up Published   by Jane Gray Technology and Innovation, Research and Development Encouraging the development of advanced materials will bring benefits to the developer, to manufacturers who incorporate them, to end users, and to the economy as a wh

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KCMC national expansion begins with Cardiff University

Technology Strategy Board partnership flags bigger role for Centre in UK innovation landscape…  In line with its expanding national remit from 2014, Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (KCMC) has formally announced the addition of Cardiff University to its network of research ins

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Make it lighter, with less – Funding Call

The Technology Strategy Board and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) are to invest up to £8.5m in collaborative R&D projects to develop advanced materials and manufacturing technologies which deliver lighter, better-performing and more material-efficien

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The £70m ground-breaking scheme brings industry and academia together in a consortium made up of major glass manufacturers and universities, including Pilkington Glass, British Glass, and the Universities of Liverpool and Leeds - with the aim of putting the UK at the forefront of global glass manufacturing. In early 2018 St Helens was announced as…

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