Dr Christophe Brodin Knowledge Transfer Manager

Dr Christophe Brodin has a PhD in polymer chemistry from Laval University (Canada). He has more than 14 years experience; worked in several industries from raw material synthesis to finished pharmaceutical and medical devices’ product development. His areas of expertise are in rubbers, coatings and formulation of liquid products.

What do you do at the KCMC?

I am here to enable development of innovation through collaboration between universities and industry. This involves leveraged new technology developed by the universities and identifying suitable companies, understanding customer needs and looking at a potential match in research groups.

What are your strengths?

With a strong background in product development, I have an good understanding on the process to bring a product to the market.  I have also been involved in innovation at various levels (product, packaging, accessories) and identifying customer needs with technology. I have a strong technical knowledge in emulsion, polymer chemistry and in elastomeric materials in particular.

Having worked in regulated industries, I appreciate the expectations from this type of business.

Why do you enjoy working at the KCMC?

I have passion for Innovation, and appreciate the process of how to transform a concept or idea on a real tangible innovation.

What area of materials science excites you?

There are several areas of the material science which brings a lot of excitement and if I have to select only one, I would go for the emulsion and surfactants. The applications are huge covering the cosmetic and pharmaceutical products; in addition to several products for cleaning and construction.


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