John Conti-Ramsden Director

Dr John Conti-Ramsden is the Director of the KCMC. He has extensive experience in the materials chemistry space across the US and the UK, and he holds a PhD in macrocycle chemistry.

What do you do at the KCMC?

My role is largely to lead the development of the programme across all of our industry and academic partners. This also involves working with our industrial steering groups and other key sponsors across the wider KTN and Innovate UK. A key part of what we do is building trust between people,

Maureen Laughton Knowledge Centre Materials Chemistry, Operation Manager

Maureen Laughton is the KCMC’s Operations Manager. She has over 20 years of experience in the UK’s chemistry-using sectors and across the innovation landscape.

What do you do at the KCMC?

I run the KCMC’s operations arm, which means I manage a large portfolio of content and events which allows me to work with lots of different people across industry and academia. I work closely with the KCMC steering group, the KCMC governing board and the principal investigators. Before joining the KCMC, I managed the larger events and administration operations programme at Chemistry Innovation.…

Steve McBride Knowledge Transfer Manager

Dr Steve McBride is a Knowledge Transfer Manager here at the KCMC. He holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, and his background includes commercial, technical development and research, across the aerospace, automotive and manufacturing market sectors.

What do you do at the KCMC?

My role sits between the academia and industry, and I’m responsible for the University of Liverpool and the University of Bolton – I’m there to make collaborations happen! But it’s broader than that – I want those relationships to last and to thrive, so I’m always looking for the best fit between collaborators.…

Ron Swart – Knowledge Transfer Manager

Ron Swart is a Knowledge Transfer Manager at the KCMC working closely with the Chemistry department at the University of Southampton.  He holds a BSc in Chemistry and a MSc in Molecular Enzymology and has over 30 years industrial R&D experience both in the UK and Belgium

What do you do at the KCMC?

My role is to link the idea generators at the university with commercial needs in industry.   In fact the ideas and needs flow both ways – my academic colleagues are always interested in where their research can be applied and industry frequently comes up with challenges which are academically very challenging.…

Dr Sohail Hajatdoost – Knowledge Transfer Manager

Dr Sohail Hajatdoost is a Knowledge Transfer Manager at the KCMC embedded at the University of Bristol and holds a PhD in Materials Chemistry and Characterisation. He has over 24 years of experience in industry, academia and knowledge transfer both in UK and Europe in different sectors such as chemicals, advanced coatings, metals and sustainable materials.

What do you do at the KCMC?

My role is to facilitate the process of product innovation by enabling industry and knowledge base institutes to work together in thriving joint research projects. I try to identify the R&D needs of the industry and then find out how academia can fill the gaps in knowledge.…

Dr Christophe Brodin Knowledge Transfer Manager

Dr Christophe Brodin has a PhD in polymer chemistry from Laval University (Canada). He has more than 14 years experience; worked in several industries from raw material synthesis to finished pharmaceutical and medical devices’ product development. His areas of expertise are in rubbers, coatings and formulation of liquid products.

What do you do at the KCMC?

I am here to enable development of innovation through collaboration between universities and industry. This involves leveraged new technology developed by the universities and identifying suitable companies, understanding customer needs and looking at a potential match in research groups.…

The £70m ground-breaking scheme brings industry and academia together in a consortium made up of major glass manufacturers and universities, including Pilkington Glass, British Glass, and the Universities of Liverpool and Leeds - with the aim of putting the UK at the forefront of global glass manufacturing. In early 2018 St Helens was announced as…

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