University of Liverpool Chemist shortlisted for `Women of the Future’ Award

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Dr Anna Slater, from the University’s Department of Chemistry, has been short-listed in the Science category of the Women of the Future Awards 2016.

Dr Slater is a member of Professor Andy Cooper’s research group and her research focuses on the synthesis and characterisation of porous organic cages.

She has recently been awarded a Royal Society-EPSRC Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship to develop flow chemistry as a tool to discover, optimise, and scale up functional materials. She has also secured a proleptic position in the Materials Innovation Factory  which she will take up after her fellowship in 2021. Read more

The £70m ground-breaking scheme brings industry and academia together in a consortium made up of major glass manufacturers and universities, including Pilkington Glass, British Glass, and the Universities of Liverpool and Leeds - with the aim of putting the UK at the forefront of global glass manufacturing. In early 2018 St Helens was announced as…

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