VACANCY – Knowledge Transfer Manager – Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (“KCMC”)

The Company

CPI helps companies to develop, prove and commercialise the next generation of products, processes and services. We enable ideas, research and knowledge to be translated into commercial business propositions by providing the facilities and technical expertise to help companies overcome their innovation challenges.

The Role

You will be responsible for supporting new materials innovation in the chemistry-using industries in the UK based at University of Manchester. The main purpose of the role is to link companies with the KCMC partner research institutions, to achieve knowledge transfer through collaboration between industry and academia, and to develop the KCMC project portfolio at these research institutions.

Key accountabilities are:

  • Raise awareness of the KCMC within the chemistry-using industry in the UK and beyond.
  • Deliver agreed business goals for knowledge transfer with partner research institutions.
  • Recommend how the capabilities of the KCMC should be developed to match the needs of industry.
  • Responsible for assigned Research Institution research income generated ~£1.5 million pa

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KCMC is hosted by CPI (Centre for Process Innovation)

Professor Matt Rosseinsky Professor Matthew Rosseinsky FRS from the University’s Department of Chemistry has been awarded one of the Royal Society’s most prestigious awards, the Davy Medal, in recognition of his “advances in the design and discovery of functional materials, integrating the developments of new experimental and computational techniques.” The Davy Medal is named after…

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KCMC is hosted at the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)

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